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Filtering Categories

DNSFilter offers a comprehensive ability to block domains based on content as well as any security threats that they pose. We also support SafeSearch options so that only appropriate content is displayed in search results.

Content Categories

Content Categories are the fastest way to block large swaths of undesirable domains. For example, blocking the "Social Networking" category will block Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When you block a particular category, it will be indicated by the button changing to the color Red, and showing a 🚫 icon.

Content Categories


DNSFilter is able to offer Google, Bing, and YouTube SafeSearch options. DNSFilter simply offers the features already provided by these services, but makes it easy to enforce. SafeSearch cannot be overridden by the endusers if the SafeSearch options are enabled in your Filtering Policy (and you ensure that users are using our service for DNS).

Enabling SafeSearch

Read more about each SafeSearch offering:


Unsupported Providers - Yahoo, StartPage

Unfortunately Yahoo, and StartPage do not support a DNS-level SafeSearch feature. It is recommended to add search.yahoo.com and startpage.com to your policy blacklist to prevent users from accessing inappropriate content through these search engines.

Threat Categories

Threats are domains which host potentially malicious resources that may result in:

  • Circumventing DNSFilter's protection (VPNs, Proxies)
  • Outbound attacks from your network
  • Compromise of usernames, passwords, or other sensitive data
  • Excess system resource utilization
  • Malware and/or Ransomware Compromise

Just as with content categories, clicking on a particular classification will turn the color Red, and show a 🚫 icon. This indicates that blocking is active.

Applying Security Categories


Exceptions to Threat Categories

Four things will result in Threat Categories not being applied:

  1. The policy is not set to block these categories
  2. The policy is not applied to your Sites (networks)
  3. You have a filtering schedule that does not cover all times of the day
  4. Malicious domains are in your whitelist. (whitelist entries always take precedence)

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Filtering Categories

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